Warner Bros. Family United By Shield

A Redesigned Identity

Design firm Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv has redesigned the identity for Warner Bros. Pictures and for the entire Warner Bros. family of brands.



The brand architecture is united by a newly redrawn shield. A distillation of the classic 1948 Warner Bros. emblem, the updated mark features reductive geometry, streamlined curves, and bright colors. Reimagining the shield from its original three-dimensional rendering involved redrawing it from scratch, and equalizing the weight of the W and B letterforms with the stroke of the encasing shield shape.

The new consistency of  line weight, with harmony between each element, creates what the design firm describes as “a unified, timeless symbol” that can work seamlessly with all the properties in the company’s portfolio.

The strong, sans-serif, all-capital letters for the wordmarks have been redrawn to accentuate the curvature of the rounded letterforms, such as the Ps, Bs, and Rs. This distinctive character of the lettering resonates with the revised WB letters in the shield while updating the typography for modern uses and legibility.



Two manifestations of the new shield anchor the identity system. The solid rendition will be used primarily in corporate communications, while the outline rendition promotes movies, television shows, games, and other content. Both manifestations can take on the background colors and textures of creative content, providing a consistent canvas for the visual artists at the Warner Bros. family of brands to explore and riff on the big screen around the world.