Iridescence Brings Beauty Brand To Light

LIVIN’ LLC came to QNY Creative to craft a memorable beauty brand for its Ópalens luxury sunless tanner and to speak to modern consumers searching for a fresh outlook on the beauty market. The QNY team create a brand that embraces new social and aesthetic trends, mirroring the current move towards ethereal color schemes and shimmering shades. The brand’s philosophy is illumination, to unveil the skin’s radiance through clean, all-natural  ingredients, to tan, nourish and pamper the skin for a healthy, youthful glow. The visual solution blends the worlds of luxury self-tan packaging with the mirrored iridescence that has recently become a beauty staple, using holographic patterns as the color component. Along with the logotype, we created a symbol for the accented Ó. The end result, says Creative Director Ezio Burani, is packaging “that feels luxurious but also magical, and an immediate standout on the shelf.” In addition to Burani, credits for the project go to Ana Camero for art direction, Valentina Robotti for copywriting, and James Ferranti is marketing director.