JKR Simplifies OTC Medicine Market

Betr, part of Green Park Brands, produces FDA-approved, over-the-counter medicine shipped right to the consumer’s door. The company is on a mission to simplify the over-the-counter space and offer products with the same active ingredients as the name brands customers are used to seeing on shelves. In addition, every over-the-counter Betr bundle purchased equals one prescription donated to someone in need. It has been estimated that, Even before the pandemic, 1 in 4 Americans could not afford their prescription medications and Betr aims to donate 10 million prescriptions in four years, worth over $400 million dollars for underserved communities.


Jones Knowles Ritchie is involved as creative and strategic partner, identifying market opportunities, building purposeful propositions and delivering a distinctive brand experience identity. Medication types are sorted by color, launching with allergy, pain, and sleep OTC medications in green, yellow, and purple respectively. The packaging lays out the facts in a clear manner, including a picture of the pill. The logo is essentially a wordmark with an additional flourish that turns the B into a heart.



“With Betr, we aimed to help Green Park deliver on its vision to create a brand that genuinely improved the consumer experience with every interaction,” says Stephen McDavid, Creative Director at Jones Knowles Ritchie. “The category in general is cold, cluttered and often confusing so we created a brand that is human, easy to shop and challenges established codes. The brand identity is ruthlessly simple and uncomplicated, blending distinctive assets like the Betr monogram with vibrant pops of positive color and a naive illustration style.”