K-Y and Design Bridge Put Females First

Design Bridge New York has created branding and package design for lubricant, K-Y, that proudly puts female comfort and enjoyment first, empowering women to pursue their own sexual pleasure. The ruby, a traditional symbol of female sexual power, is at the heart of the new brand identity, and it transforms across touchpoints to speak to different forms of sexual pleasure that the brand hopes to encourage.


Claire Parker, Executive Creative Director at Design Bridge, explains: “We’ve loaded the brand with meaning and brought a sensuality and confidence to it that was lacking before.” Adds Design Director Jess Marie: “Women everywhere still struggle to have their voices heard, and the bedroom is no exception. KY has been making women physically more comfortable for decades, so we were really excited to help women feel more emotionally comfortable and confident in fulfilling their desires.”


On pack, bespoke typography and iconography bring this creative idea and personality to life through playful, conversational messaging about each product, which in turn helps women to find the right product for them. The color palette has also been refined to improve navigation of the range, and the deep ruby red – a color that universally represents love and passion – is now used consistently across the brand. 


The color palette has also been refined to improve navigation of the range, and the deep ruby red — a color that universally represents love and passion — is used consistently across the brand.



Jess Marie continues: “Through the new brand, packaging and tone of voice, we’ve turned a medical-looking lubricant – that was often associated with female problems – into a trusted lifestyle brand that women are proud to purchase.” And Bruno Funari, Senior Brand Manager from K-Y comments, “Design Bridge’s work has helped us communicate and solidify our position of empowering women to have the best sex, always.”