Niedermeier Visualizes Decarbonization

Where Roads and Railways Intersect

Launched by The World Bank in 2021, The Global Facility to Decarbonize Transport (GFDT) is a multi-donor trust fund whose mission is to help developing countries implement low-carbon transportation solutions, and fast-track their transition to greener, more sustainable transport. With the right investments in high-quality public transport, non-motorized transport options, and cleaner technologies, they believe achieving development progress and climate targets can be mutually reinforcing.

Working in close collaboration with GFDT team, Niedermeier Design determined where emphasis should be placed by looking at how the organization sees itself, and where it wants to be positioned in the broader context of global efforts to create a more livable world, and healthier future. Inspired by the GFDT’s focus on sustainable mobility and all things transport-related, the new symbol captures the interplay that exists in transportation infrastructure when roads, bridges, paths, railways and waterways intersect. Two sets of parallel lines suggest that several systems can work in tandem with each other, and signal the ideas of movement, connection, and progress, akin to those you might see on a map. The refined nature and precision of the design – it’s balance and simplicity — are meant to evoke a timeless quality, and reflect the confidence GFDT leadership has in who they are, what they represent, and their ability to move developing countries closer to achieving their decarbonization initiatives.

The new design, contends Kurt Niedermeier, reveals a simple and purposeful brand identity that aligns with GFDT’s vision, takes into account the values that drive their work, gives authority to the organization, and works to dignify its position as a global leader helping to solve today’s complex decarbonization challenges.

GFDT_LOGO.mp4 from Kurt Niedermeier on Vimeo.