Pearlfisher and LOOP Positively Driven

Keeping Everyone In The Loop

LOOP was born from a desire for inclusivity and individuality on the way to fair pricing for auto insurance; the company seeks to balance data-driven decisions with individual care and attention. “LOOP’s brand design is built around being more friendly and inclusive, by showcasing modern day lives and drivers in a more fun and empowering way,” says Nile Hope, Associate Creative Director at Pearlfisher. “The illustrative design style we created uses a core line that loops across every graphic manifestation, signifying every part of the journey in day-to-day life. Ultimately, creating an insured community that cares for people and what moves them.”

Reflecting on the way the insurance industry continues to stereotype based on demographics, rather than the individual, Pearlfisher developed a central creative positioning of the ‘infinite loop’ – referring to a business model that benefits and keeps all parties informed or in the loop.

This is represented graphically through the brand identity, which exemplifies the movement of the brand with letterforms made by continuous, unbreakable linework that resembles roadside markings. Even the brand icon – the isolated ‘L’ – signifies the infinite loop of information-sharing and trust between the users and the product.

LOOP’s core brand colors of blue and white communicate the brand’s commitment to maintaining trust and clear connection. A range of bright tertiary colors help imbue the brand with personality and warmth and are exhibited through bespoke illustrations of customers, infographics and scenes.

“I want customers to understand what they are paying for when it comes to insurance and why it’s important – for their safety and financial security – beyond being a necessity,” says Carey Anne Nadeau. “LOOP’s brand design underscores the feedback being given to customers. After all, insurance should be an iterative risk-management relationship that constantly enhances the experience and safety of our customers.”


Pearlfisher also created guidelines for the brand’s photography style, which incorporates the recognizable line illustration, as well as a set of easy-to-understand, aspirational taglines to be leveraged in LOOP’s communications, including: Getting There Together and Going Places. Together, the photography and tone of voice ensure that LOOP contrasts with the abundance of jargon and cold characters that are used by legacy auto-insurance companies, yet tend to alienate consumers.