Humanaut Creates ‘Goaldigger’ Campaign

Premium Dating App Matches Based On Life Goals

Creative agency Humanaut was tapped to create the first national out-of-home campaign for The League, the newest addition to the Match Group portfolio. The League, a premium dating app devoted to creating power couples from its curated community of singles seeking equally ambitious and driven partners, doesn’t believe in settling. The pitch? “Be a Goaldigger.”

Bold designs, provocative headlines, and an unapolagetic attitude double down on what Humanaut sees as humorous and disruptive work. “The League has always prided itself on being a dating app for high-achieving individuals. In this relaunch, we wanted to dial that up to 11,” said Bethany Maxfield, Creative Director at Humanaut. “We knew that borrowing the cringy, familiar equity of ‘gold digger’ and flipping it on its head would help ‘Goaldigger’ plant roots in people’s brains.”



But the campaign isn’t just about capturing attention — it’s about fundamentally changing, and improving, the way people view compatibility. Traditional dating app filters have focused on  age, height, location and basic interests. Until now. Humanaut pitched a new product feature that will enable members on The League to start matching based on their life goals, in addition to conventional matchmaking data points. Humanaut crafted 100-plus unique goals that users can select to bring them one step closer to finding their forever goalmate. Goals ranging from, “Get a PHD in something I know nothing about,” “Become less terrible at surfing,” or “Run a marathon. Okay, maybe a half marathon.”

The hope is that this game-changing — goal-changing — update, will encourage people to start thinking differently about their approach to dating and the qualities they seek in a complementary partner. “With our first national brand campaign, we were committed to goal all the way!” said Amanda Bradford, CEO and Founder of The League. “Breakup summer is over, and singles are ready to start connecting on things that matter —  goals, ambition, and drive. Our new campaign encourages singles’ to embrace their big goal energy and use The League to find ambitious, goal-getters like themselves.”



Staying true to its gutsy tone, the “Be a Goaldigger” campaign’s OOH placements are anything but subtle. It will include three New York subway station dominations, a large placement in the Financial District, wild postings throughout the city and placements throughout Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). The campaign launched September 6 in New York, running for four weeks, followed by a four-week run in Los Angeles in mid-September. The campaign features over 140 pieces of creative.

Agency credits include:

Chief Creative Director David Littlejohn; VP Creative Dan Jacobs; Creative Director Bethany Maxfield; Associate Creative Director Emily Demario; Strategist Sydney Thomas; Art Director Boris Frantz; Copywriters Sam Friedman, Steven Preisman, Nathan Dills, Kyle Thiermann, Julia Shiplett; Designers Mark Slawson, Mike Ellis, Boris Opacic;  Senior Brand Producer Ben Gortmaker; Senior Project Producer Jes Shipley; Agency Producer Dani Harrison; and Creative Coordinator Tarrisha Hicks.