Jessica Walsh and Tim Goodman Search For Kindness

Two high-profile New York graphic designers and self-described “self-obsessed millenials” are launching a new blog — 12 Kinds of Kindness — that will follow their 12-step plan to become more empathetic toward others. The team, Jessica Walsh and Timothy Goodman, have had success with chronicling their personal activities online: in 2013, their 40 Days of Dating site, followed the attempt of the two friends to forge a romantic relationship. The relationship ultimately failed, but the 40 Days site went viral, and led to a movie deal and book.

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Of the new project, Goodman explains: “Jessie and I were talking about how that project took shape and how we treated each other, and we just kept coming back to one thing: the idea of empathy and kindness and what that means.” Accordingly, they formulated their own 12-step, 12-month program — reminiscent of the famous Alcoholics Anonymous process — that involves them in various challenges, from the mundane (Goodman shaves his head to see what being bald is like) to the deeply personal (Walsh reportedly addresses past mental health issues.) The story will be unveiled in 12 monthly installments, and include backup including videos, illustrations and GIFS in the designers’ unique style.