Lucid Branding Promises Luxury Auto Experience

Launching the Lucid Motors brand required a positioning strategy and visual identity. Working in close collaboration with Lucid’s design and engineering teams, the project led San Francisco-based Tolleson Design on a journey to uncover the relationship between the company’s product design philosophy rooted in their “California DNA” and the promise of a new type of luxury automotive experience. The logo design is a nod to the car itself: elongated, modern and sleek as well as shaped for maximum optical proportion and balance when placed on the auto.




Four complementary fonts seek to strike a balance between the technical nature of Lucid’s designs and the intuitive experience for drivers. A 24-hour color wheel, inspired by the light throughout California at various times of day, was distilled into a set of core brand colors corresponding with the maker’s approach to color, material, and finishes. Using a range of macro and landscape imagery of California’s oceans, mountains, deserts, and urban environments, the photography plays to both the intimacy of the driving experience and the promise of a company unconfined by convention.