McDonald’s Goes Monochrome and Social Media Pushes Back

McDonald’s has unveiled new uniforms for its 850,000 employees. They will don the the gray, monochrome uniforms at all of the chain’s nearly 15,000 locations in the United States later this month. The uniforms were designed by Waraire Boswell, who has dressed many A-list celebrities like Will Smith, Ellen DeGeneres and Pharrell Williams; Boswell himself once worked at a McDonald’s and wanted a uniform that would give employees “a greater level of confidence.”


“Our new collections focus on comfort, fit, functionality and contemporary professionalism, delivering a uniform that crew and managers will feel comfortable to work in and proud to wear,” said Jez Langhorn, McDonald’s Senior Director of HR. “Beyond that, it’s another step in the company’s continuous effort to raise the bar by investing in people and improving the restaurant experience with a focus on hospitality.” Thus far, social media has cast a thumbs down, seeing a dystopian vision that evokes the Hunger Games, Star Wars and other storm trooper-y settings.