New Podcast Helps Navigate The Grind

The Creative Shit Show, hosted by creative entrepreneurs, Von Glitschka, Justin Ahrens, Karen Larson, and Jamie Saunders, is intended to help designers, marketers and creatives navigate the daily grind. With decades of experience working in agencies, corporations, and self-employment, the co-hosts and friends have seen it all. In each episode, they seek to confront relevant topics, and pull back the curtain to address the ups and downs of the design and marketing businesses. The podcast is meant to be entertaining while supporting creatives working in various environments, but facing similar challenges regarding pricing, client engagements, in-house obstacles, and so much more.  New episodes are released bi-weekly. While the show is available on Apple Podcasts, listeners are also invited to visit The Creative Shit Show website to listen in and check out show notes featuring interactive content, cocktail recipes, and essential information mentioned in each episode. The hosts say: “Grab a drink and have a listen.”