Spotify Promises Free Love

Spotify is reenergizing its free advertiser-supported experience with a redesigned mobile app offering on-demand playlists for its 90 million free users. The multi-faceted campaign includes two commercials set as fake summer blockbuster trailers – an action-flick car chase turns into a Miley Cyrus bonding session, while the other turns Camila Cabello’s “Havana” into a trigger song for a super creepy roommate.




The second part of the campaign, inspired by dating apps, includes digital romantic vignettes that elevate everyday music discovery moments into love scenes out of a Hollywood movie. Out of home print ads are also planned billboards in select cities worldwide as well. “What we’re looking for in this improved free-tier experience,” says Spotify’s global head of advertising Brian Benedik, “is even more engagement with these users that will allow us to work with advertisers in some more creative ways.” The campaign was created inhouse.

Advertising Billboard Space in Manhattan New York