Flow Creative Brands Greenpeace Treaty Campaign

Flow Creative has developed a brand identity for Greenpeace’s Global Plastics Treaty campaign. It was released in May, in anticipation of the second session of the Intergovernmental Negotiation Committee on Plastic Pollution taking place in Paris May 29-June 2. The campaign asks governments around the world to commit to an ambitious treaty that could end plastic pollution across the whole life-cycle to protect the environment and human health. The creative agency was tasked with designing an identity flexible enough to adapt to multiple alphabets and languages for worldwide use, and strong enough to drive home the blunt and serious messaging: End the Age of Plastic.



To ensure the campaign is clearly understood, the identity includes a simple stamp mark based on the idea of a badge of honor for becoming a signator of the treaty, and includes a graphic illustration of the globe. Five versions with five different views of the planet make it adaptable to all the continents. The boldness and simplicity, say Flow Creative offices, are intended to stand out on social media and in regional adaptations. A style guide informs the organization’s regional offices.



Flow Creative, Founder & Creative Director, Karl Doran said: “As an agency we have always tried to work with organizations who do good in the world and few top Greenpeace, whose mission is literally to save our planet. Plastic use and production needs to be reduced and soon, the oceans are polluted, the world’s ecosystems are dying because of the widespread production of single-use plastic and human communities are being impacted. To be part of Greenpeace’s hugely ambitious global campaign to bring nations together to end the age of plastic is an honor and a privilege. We’re looking forward to seeing the campaign capturing the attention of global leaders and hopefully creating a once in a lifetime change for our planet.”


Capucine Dayen, Head of Communications & Engagement, Plastics’ Campaign, says: “Massive thanks to the team at Flow for creating such an empowering brand identity for our Global Plastics Treaty Campaign. As the name suggests, we required an identity that worked across our offices internationally, that would grab our audience’s attention and that evokes hope and ultimately urgency for action.”