La Colombe Logo Dials Up Vintage Feel

A Frothy New Look For Chobani Acquisition

La Colombe, a specialty coffee roaster brand owned by Chobani, has unveiled a new look timed to the launch of its new ready-to-drink Draft Latte. Re-emphasizing the brand’s heritage while amplifying what it stands for, the work will live across the brand ecosystem – from logo and packaging to café experience and all product and retail touchpoints. The brand is a new member of the Chobani family following its acquisition in December 2023.



Created with agency Mrs&Mr, design highlights include evolving the company’s wordmark by redrawing the letter forms by hand in order to dial up the vintage feel, and the evolution of the brand’s namesake signature dove, now flipped and redrawn to feel more uplifting with a sense of forward momentum. Complimenting the new wordmark, Mrs&Mr created a custom-made typeface called Draft Latte Sans. Taking inspiration from industrial fonts, the letterforms have irregular crossbars, giving it an imperfect, human feel, telegraphing the level of craft and care that goes into the product. A refreshed color palette maintains the core navy, but supplements with creams, beiges and golds.



All these design elements come together in the new Draft Latte packaging. Mrs&Mr shifted the original can’s base color from cool white to a warmer, more delicious cream based color, which speaks to the product’s farm-fresh milk. Designed to feel crafted and authentic, the product still needed a strong shelf presence, so the agency doubled the size of the logo, and added a drop shadow making the brand name proudly stand out. The curve of the Draft Latte logo mimics the flow of the frothy product, while the addition of the ‘ESTD 1994’ highlights the brand’s 30 years in the coffee-making business.