Noun Ventures Energizes Protein Bars

Protein Puck, a plant-based food company built around empowerment, is undergoing a rebrand as it looks to expand its audience beyond the athlete and outdoor adventurer to the broader market. The client partnered with Noun Ventures to bring the new branding to visual life with a new brand mark, name, and an array of creative assets including packaging, writing, design, and photography to upgrade the brand’s overall look and feel. Says Neil Riddell, the unique co-founder of Noun Ventures: “We wanted to open the aperture of the brand’s target audience to include those that need tasty, truly healthy brain food that checks all the boxes this great product does. Folks that are moving the needle in business, changing culture for the better, and redefining industries. What we’re really selling beyond the functional nutritional elements is empowerment. The real value of the brand is what it allows you to do with the energy it provides.”



Noun focused on the idea of energy as an icon when reimagining the brand design, and the new mark features subtly intertwined P’s to represent the Protein Puck/Power Puck name. The P’s are situated inside a circle that references the product’s form, with an energy bolt in the center for a small, electric touch. The circle will also function as a portal of expression for the brand going forward and serve as a thematic creative element used to highlight, accentuate, or focus the viewer’s attention through photography, illustration, and design.



For the word mark, the team chose Brandon Grotesque Black, an understated typeface with a friendly spirit due to the subtle rounded corners on each letterform. They paired Beloved Script with it as a secondary typeface to introduce a spontaneity and playfulness, signaling the brand doesn’t take itself too seriously.



Noun further embraced color as a key brand element, creating a backdrop that serves to inspire, provoke thought, and encourage experimentation. Each of the brand’s four flavor profiles were endowed with their own corresponding color spectrum, creating a visual representation of their unique energy.