Turner Duckworth Melts For Reese’s

Turner Duckworth has partnered with Reese’s and Unilever Ice Cream to refresh and create a new packaging system for the Reese’s Ice Cream product line. While the Reese’s brand is synonymous with Peanut Butter Cups, consumers didn’t readily associate the brand with frozen treats, so there was an opportunity to lean into the strength of the Reese’s brand’s playful personality and engaging off-pack world. The resulting packaging design is intended to pave the way for off-pack expansion and broader consumer engagement.



To achieve this, Turner Duckworth harnessed the brand’s distinctive features in new ways, most notably transforming the brand’s signature Peanut Butter Cup and its ridges into a cascade of dripping, melting ice cream. The pattern, say the designers, feels unmistakably Reese’s and also introduces an air of storytelling, emotion, and entertainment to the range. Playfully composed stacked food imagery are added to capture the moment as ice cream begins to drip. Other new elements: a typeface inspired by the products gooey consistency, and a richer color palette — including a ‘peanut butter’ hue — meant to maximize appetite appeal.



Comments Ernie Savo, Senior Director, Global Licensing & Business Development, The Hershey Company: “The strong partnership and collaboration with Unilever and Turner Duckworth were instrumental to the outcome of these designs. Turner  Duckworth’s deep understanding of the Reese’s brand iconography, combined with Unilever’s guidance on how that would be best translated in the ice cream category, enabled a shared vision of what success looks like right from the start.”