Pearlfisher Serves Beanless Coffee

Pearlfisher has partnered with Compound Foods in their mission to introduce a new sustainable beanless coffee. The food tech start-up, based in San Francisco CA, is has created an eco-friendly and lab-grown beanless brew that tastes, looks and smells like coffee. Compound Food’s mission is to create a sustainable alternative coffee that will help preserve the environment that enables coffee to grow. Pearlfisher’s challenge was to develop a brand that invites coffee lovers around the world into their story, product and mission.

“We wanted to counter the notion that an innovative product like this has to have a scientific or futuristic feeling,” says Annie Seely, Associate Strategy Director at Pearlfisher New York. “Coffee has strong emotional and personal ties and so we really leaned into the question of what would we do without it? This led us to the idea that, when it comes to coffee, the sum of the parts is greater than the whole – our love of it is not just about the beverage itself; it’s about the ritual, the culture, the myriad feelings it evokes in us, and the multi-sensorial experience of drinking it, smelling it, holding it.”

The visual identity showcases the out of the ordinary nature of beanless coffee and tells the story of the process. From plant, to fermentor to water-saving efforts, each element is illustrated and contained within an abstract illustrated letter C. Set against a vibrant color palette, the elements invite customers to explore something new.