Cynthia Keith

SESSIONS COLLEGE Cynthia is an Atlanta-based advertising designer. She started off in advertising design fifteen years ago with very little experience and is now graduating with an AOS in Advertising Design. During this time, she has become very passionate about helping clients create visually attractive, unique and catchy advertisements. As Creative Director of a local […]

Iris Lee

MARYLAND INSTITUTE COLLEGE OF ART (MICA) Iris is a undergraduate senior graphic design student. Her main past time is hanging out with strangers, and she believes red and green is an underutilized color combination. Currently, she is most interested in boundaries — natural and manifested. Her main research topics of interest include ethnic minority populations […]

Hayden Nagin

LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY Hayden is a senior graphic design major at LSU, also minoring in photography. His work encompasses branding, publications, illustration and film photography. Hayden is a Libra. As such, his work often strives to find a balance between opposing elements, be they contrasting themes, materials or aesthetics. When not hunched over a computer […]

Sam Panter

CRANBROOK ACADEMY OF ART Sam Panter is currently working on his MFA in the 2D Design program. He’s interested in how we interact with and experience systems, and how those systems inform our perceptions of ourselves. This usually leads to him working on projects involving surreal software, temporary architecture, or speculative entrepreneurship. WHERE WERE YOU […]

Anna Rogers

AUBURN UNIVERSITY Anna Rogers is a couple semesters away from achieving her BFA in Graphic Design. She is known for her quirky wardrobe of thrift store gems and handmade jewelry. Her design interests include but (definitely) aren’t limited to: print, publication, packaging, typography, and UI/UX. Ever a lover of details, she delights in elevating a […]

Katie Vines

KENNESAW STATE UNIVERSITY Katie is a graphic designer interested in both print and digital mediums. She recently received her BFA in Graphic Communications and a Marketing minor. During her undergraduate years, she participated in two repeat-internships for Shaw Floors and Heidelberg USA, where print design was her sole passion. Katie soon discovered her love for […]

Jade Williams

HOWARD UNIVERSITY Jade is a multifaceted senior design student and a future Creative Director who is already breaking barriers and making a difference. Her talents and passions include illustration, modeling, and travel blogging. As a child, she was always digging through her mother’s magazines, closet, and makeup drawer to transform herself into the supermodels she […]

Eric Wilson

COLLEGE FOR CREATIVE STUDIES Eric is keenly interested in multimedia, interdisciplinary, research-based design solutions — he believes understanding an audience and being empathetic to their needs is critical to contemporary design practice. He focuses on creating flexible identity systems, motion and interactive media, and of course, thoughtfully-designed publications and print collateral. When he graduates, he […]

Devon Wolfe

KANSAS CITY ART INSTITUTE Growing up in a city wedged between 30 miles of backroads, corn fields and small towns, I developed a taste for the unordinary. Particularly, I became interested in bohemian subcultures and alternative lifestyles, surrounding myself with like-minded people. I spent high school making, writing, painting, and tinkering. I found that the […]