People to Watch in 2016

GDUSA starts each year by choosing a group of People To Watch who embody the spirit of the creative community. Individuals we have come to know and respect for a combination of talent, leadership, success, newsworthiness and community service. In a field so deep in talent and broad in numbers, this is clearly a subjective process. Still, for five decades, it has seemed to work out pretty well: the roster of past participants is star-studded, to say the least. The 2016 group adds to the glow.

Tobias Van Schneider

Megan Flood

Andres Nicholls

Mackey Saturday

Rodrigo Corral

Dian Holton

Stewart Devlin

Lisa Smith

John Clifford

Sharyn Belkin Locke

Seth Sirbaugh

Susan Chun

Paul Stechmesser

Michael Lemme

Kung Pik Liu

Martin Schott

Theresa Mershon

Luis M. Gonzalez, Jr.

Jason B. Cohen

Ross Patrick

Kirsten Modestow

Jason Alley

Moonsub Shin

Chad Thompson

Jim Bull

Charlotte Strick and Claire Williams Martinez

Tanja Pohl

Kanan F. Whited IV

Lisa Cain

Matthew Schwartz

Hall of Fame: Past People to Watch